Home is Where I’m Not

Home is where I’m not,

Racing pylon lines and hedgerows,

I watch, as an occasional barn,

House or tractor

Smudge passed

Like lipstick lost on glass

Speeding through

Lush flatlands

It dawns

There is little between here and there

Just miles of telephone lines,

Motorways and acres of time

‘When I get home’ I say

As soon as I arrive

My habits are back there,

Is that what makes it

What it is

When I am distanced from it?

Or is it the tug of the other,

Pulling me back,

To a home I’ve owned for longer,

Memories are trapped in a place,

That disappears as soon as I disembark

I loved this small square of map,

Boundary stomped by my little and growing feet,

Different now,

Built up and knocked down

Around our buried footsteps;

Faded ghost lines,

Lay waiting to be wakened

While I am here & there

Or wherever,

Short sharp pangs

Like the snap of elastic bands

Put the past in the daydreams of the present

If home is where the heart is

Mine is broken, fractured.

Splintered in the hands of

Old flames,

Written in dust,

My growing pains,

Lay stretched,

Pressed into warm beds,

A weather worn doorstep,

And calls for 5 more minutes,

My love is split,


Leaving love shaped relics

In cities I’ve visited,

Good friends keep

A ready made bed

Toothbrushes in tumblers

Are antennae to other worlds,

My sprayed scent lingers

Until I finally return

While my heart can straddle time,

Span continents

Touch the living and the rest

Home is always different

Wherever I am,

It is, where I am not.



About joberlowbo

A gypsy twitches and throws a needle to the sky. Stitching time and sewing sides, With laughter we dry our tears, Strangle our fears and confront the mirrors smears. Chocolate smudged cheeks. Skin on skin. Sketch pad. Memories fade and are replayed inaccurately and it is actually. Ok.
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2 Responses to Home is Where I’m Not

  1. galvinaven says:

    wow.. although my vocabulary is quite bad, but i can still feel this is a great piece of literary work.. well written!

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