Sc Ramble (Quick write)

As I sit here and soul search

I pick holes in the dirt

And the Earth squirms to fill them in  again


Futile emissions don’t lead to fulfilment

I feel empty then full again,

Empty then full again,


It’s exhausting.

All this breathing


I go round the bend,

Seeking a corner

Of cornucopia,

A cup of sugar from a neighbour

Finding more famine than in Ethiopia

I can’t cope with the shadows,

or that girl that just spoke to you


Jealousy envelops me

Darkness casts stones into a pool of my memories,

The ripples echo,

With a lessening propensity

I feel full and then empty and then back to full again,

A light bulb goes on,

And I break the filament

I feel different

Thrusting on this wave of change

I’d prefer another note

I spend it too quickly, but I still live in hope

Money isn’t everything and nothing is stationary

So I steal post-it’s from work as an aid to my memory


About joberlowbo

A gypsy twitches and throws a needle to the sky. Stitching time and sewing sides, With laughter we dry our tears, Strangle our fears and confront the mirrors smears. Chocolate smudged cheeks. Skin on skin. Sketch pad. Memories fade and are replayed inaccurately and it is actually. Ok.
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