Post Nuptial

Riding legs astride,

Gripping each others thighs

Just wide enough

For his contours,

To fill hers

They fit

Like sheath and knife

Tight still comfortable

Secure but unsafe

Life rushes by them


Flying towards horizons

Losing themselves in quiet,

While loving the scene they’re making

He hears the wind  

She listens for his breath

They rest…   

Ready without wait

She ties herself around his waist

Together they vibrate

For what feels like days

Making hot and sweaty,

Doing miles in seconds


Just for the journey

Not the destination


For Nothing

Just being

In the space

They are.

[Honeymoon on a motorbike.]


About joberlowbo

A gypsy twitches and throws a needle to the sky. Stitching time and sewing sides, With laughter we dry our tears, Strangle our fears and confront the mirrors smears. Chocolate smudged cheeks. Skin on skin. Sketch pad. Memories fade and are replayed inaccurately and it is actually. Ok.
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