I Gave It To You.

I gave it to you,

Not as it was,

A jewel, stitched inside me

The first time my fathers eyes darted,

Caught my mother.


Instead, I gave it to you,

As though it were the only dusty penny I had,

And you were going to give me,

More than it was worth in return.

Not knowing the value of things,

I wasted it.

By nature, it can only happen once,

And that was me,

And you were there,

So we are,

Forever, once, Us.


About joberlowbo

A gypsy twitches and throws a needle to the sky. Stitching time and sewing sides, With laughter we dry our tears, Strangle our fears and confront the mirrors smears. Chocolate smudged cheeks. Skin on skin. Sketch pad. Memories fade and are replayed inaccurately and it is actually. Ok.
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