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Come Close

It’s the third time he has left her in the wet patch. She feels embarrassed that rather than biting the pillow, she has been sucking the corner of the duvet. She looks to her right and smiles at where he … Continue reading

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I feel sick and twisted And sorta confused I wanna run to near nowhere But I don’t think I can move I’ve got aches and bruises and I’m loosing my breath I feel empty but full and tight in my … Continue reading

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Sc Ramble (Quick write)

As I sit here and soul search I pick holes in the dirt And the Earth squirms to fill them in  again   Futile emissions don’t lead to fulfilment I feel empty then full again, Empty then full again,   … Continue reading

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Home is Where I’m Not

Home is where I’m not, Racing pylon lines and hedgerows, I watch, as an occasional barn, House or tractor Smudge passed Like lipstick lost on glass Speeding through Lush flatlands It dawns There is little between here and there Just … Continue reading

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Attention  She throws a darting eye to her quivering knee and back over her fidgeting fingers. Her lower lip, which is slightly smaller than her top lip, is jutting out further than usual and I can see it searching for … Continue reading

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The Coolness

I’ve tried to write a few times And the opening line is always My last, A future shaped forever By a lyric from my past Your shadow passes me Walks next to me even, Odd that, That cold patch Brittle … Continue reading

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